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What are you calling out? (pt. 1)

Have you ever watched the movie Courageous? I have and I enjoyed it. The movie has some sad moments but it also has some drama, action, and some Christian values covered.

There are many parts of this movie that can relate to our lives at any given time. But the line that I find resonating with me recently is "I'm learning that God wants me to call out the man in my son". At this point in the movie, the main character has recently suffered the loss of his daughter. As he grieves, he is trying to figure out what to do and how to help his family move forward. After seeking counsel from his pastor, he takes a deep dive into the word of God to find out about his role as a father.

In this particular scene, he is actually taking things further. He has found what God wants from him and has used that to come up with a resolution. As he is sharing what he has found with friends, he invited them to read and hold him accountable.

When I come to this scene, I think about Gideon from the Bible. Judges 6:12 (ESV) says "And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, "The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor!". The angel is calling out Gideon! Now, the type of calling out I am referring to is speaking to the potential that is within a person. That was the angel's charge. He was to call out the mighty man of valor that was within Gideon. Why? Because Gideon was not acting as such. He was not doing what he would normally do. How do we know this? The previous verse tells us that not only was Gideon in hiding but that his hiding forced him to do something he was used to doing in a place that was not meant for it.

Initially, I thought about calling out things within my daughter. But I realize, speaking to one's potential is not limited to one's child. I work in education...there are students under my care that need the genius called out of them. I am a there may be times I need to call out the spiritual leader within my husband. I am also a sister, friend, coworker, and other things to other people. Whatever the position may be, God has given me a sphere of influence. With that influence, I should be calling out the potential within that God leads me to!

Lesson: I have a sphere of influence given by God and I should be calling out the godly potential within those individuals!

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